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How you can help the Land Trust

Volunteers Needed for Scenic Outdoor Work

The Land Trust is an all volunteer organization. One if its responsibilities is to monitor each easement annually. Such visits involve a 1-2 hour tour of the property, usually on foot, to insure that no changes have occurred that contravene the terms of the easement. We try to schedule the monitoring visits during good weather and will always pair a volunteer with an experienced board member. This is an opportunity to see some of the wonderful farms and forests of the Eastern Panhandle. If you are interested please contact Terry Camilletti at riemancam@aol.com or Gavin Perry at gavarch@gmail.com, or by phone, Grant Smith at 304-876-2583.

Your Contributions Support the Land Trust

Our expenses are low because much of the work of the Land Trust is done by board members volunteering their time. However, we do need money to increase public awareness of the benefits of conservation easements, to close additional easements, for insurance, and to manage the operations of the organization. We hold or co-hold 48 easements that protect over 4,780 acres (details at Progress). We hope to continue adding approximately 2 easements a year in the future.

The Land Trust is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Please send your contributions to the Land Trust at P.O. Box 2240, Martinsburg WV 25402-2240.


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