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You can help preserve what none of us wants to lose: Open land in the Eastern Panhandle

Your Contributions Support the Land Trust

The Land Trust of the Eastern Panhandle operates under a small budget. Much of the work of the Land Trust is done by our volunteer Board members. To continue increasing public awareness of the benefits of conservation easements, to close additional easements, and to support operational expenses, including baseline documentation and insurance, the Land Trust of the Eastern Panhandle relies on donor financial support.

Since 1997 The Land Trust of the Eastern Panhandle has worked to protect important cultural, historic and ecological terrain in Jefferson, Berkeley and Morgan Counties. On average over 2 easements are closed per year and the acreage added averages just over 250 acres per year. As of 2015, we have 48 easements protecting over 4780 acres. (details at Progress Tab). We are proud of all that the Land Trust of the Eastern Panhandle has accomplished thus far and hope to maintain our momentum in the future.

If you are interested in showing your support and are able to make a financial contribution please consider donating to the Land Trust of the Eastern Panhandle at P.O. Box 2240, Martinsburg WV 25402-2240. The Land Trust is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


If you are a landowner, and you desire to protect you land and receive potential tax benefits, you may be ready to take the next step. You may:

  • Contact us directly for more information.
  • Talk with your financial and legal advisors.
  • Refer to the Professional Referrals List for professional assistance and counsel.

Land Trust of the Eastern Panhandle
P.O. Box 2240
Martinsburg, WV 25402

Call Grant Smith at 304-876-2583 or Bonnie Stubblefield at 304-274-2350

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